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~*My ThReAdS*~

"A life that moves to gracious ends
Through troupes of myriad assorted friends
A deedful life with small silent voice
To live in it, it is by choice."

Wednesday, March 28, 2007Y
3:04 PM

Playing The Piano Again...

Now that it's summertime already, I 'm dumped with the piano again.. Ugh! It's nice but you know, the "PRESSURE" again.. Plus the fact that my father had just arrived here yesterday after a 3-year stay at Vietnam. You see, I am a daughter of a pianist, and since I was a young girl, I pressure myself practicing the piano just to make my papsie satisfied. Though there were times I'm hard-headed, that I don't want to play the piano again, and that I want to play guitar instead. But my mamsie refused. She said I better be a piano-savvy. Now, I don't have any choice but to follow them. The fact that I can play the piano makes me proud now. A lot of people wants to learn yet no one could ever teach them how. Or, if they want know how, they must have to take piano lessons from schools which may be very expensive. And as they say, I'm so Lucky!

*sigh*...I still have a time to check my Ran Character again... sige, till here! I'll play muna...

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Monday, March 26, 2007Y
7:12 PM

Addicted To RAN ONline!

I just can't understand myself anymore. When RAN Online was introduced to me by my bf last friday, March 23, and then I started playing the game, my God! I got hooked unto it, that I always wanted to play it everyday, every hour. In fact, I played 13 hours straight from 11:54 pm 'til 12:54 pm.

And in fact, before I had posted an entry in here, I played Ran first, about 3hours. My tummy is grumbbling already. I'm starving. (ganito cguro feeling ng mga addict kaya sabi ng mga tito ko, may namatay na daw sa kakalaro ng online games kasi nalilipasan ng gutom. Di na kumakain eh.. hahaha...)

well, anyways, di ako gagaya sa kanila.. And I'll make sure of it. Mapapagalitan lang ako ng bheibhe ko.. hehehe.. I will not make this a routine, just a pastime job nalang. Job talaga ha.. hehehe... cge, text2 muna ako sa mahal ko.. toink!

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Friday, March 23, 2007Y
8:23 PM


Finally, I'm through with my exams!! Wala lang, share lang ako.. hehehe... And the classes are officially over!... hehehe...

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Thursday, March 22, 2007Y
5:11 PM

Simply Surprised!!

I really love surprises! and again, I was surprised by someone really special for me. It was by BHEI! I wasn't expecting that he will post something in my blog! He knows my password and username kasi! Wow! I really love the poem, so much! hehehe...

Thank you bheibhe ko! Love you a lot!! Mwuaah..

Sorry if I wasn't able to meet with you today, I was making your English project perfectly. Hope you will like it!

Ugh! Anatomy terms really brought me a 'nosebleed' and a 'brain hemorrhage'.. hahaha... but it's OK! I'm still trying to answer them by scanning that huge heavy book.

Cge...I'll finish this project muna.. Till here!!

3:31 PM

"Thank You Bhei"

"Thank You"
bheibhei Daryl

I don't know what I did to deserve you

but I thank the Lord above
that He's given me the gift of you
to share our special love.

Like a favorite blanket on a chilly night
or when I'm feeling blue
Your love wraps itself around me
like a special hug from you.

I love having a girlfriend like you
and I know this much is true.
Of all the people who could have stolen my heart
I'm so happy it was you.

"Love you so much
bheibhei jazz"


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Wednesday, March 21, 2007Y
10:42 PM


I'm with my bheibhe now! haaay... Katatapos lang naming kumain sa BANOKS! Busog na busog nga ako eh, at of course, sya din! Gabi na bah?? Oo!! Hehehe... anyway, I saw my cousin eating din kanina sa BANOKS! hahaha... nagpalibre daw sya.. grabeh talaga yun!

Anyway, gud luck sakin tomorrow sa exams! Till here...

5:53 PM

Whew! Wat a Week!

It is totally a hell week not only for me, but I believe, also for everybody. I am suffering headaches and migraines again because of these scary subjects whose exam coverages are the lessons tackled from the beginning of the semester till the last one. Whew! And we've got projects too. Fortunately, I'm already done with them. Hehehe... I had also a problem about my clearance. I had an argument with some of the officers of our department. They are too slow in entertaining the students that's why we also had a slow time finishing our responsibilities. Glad it's already done. Hehehe... I have just finished my Mathematics and English exams yesterday. Today will be my Chemistry and ReEd exams and tomorrow will be my Psychology and History examinations. Whew!

I also had this bad time with my mathematics exam. Our teacher, Engr. Mercado, kept on looking at me then all of a sudden, tried to go near my seat, took a glimpse at my mathematical solutions, and gave a fake smile. Ugh! I really hate him do things like that. I guess he's just trying to test me, or observing me how I solve those freaky yet easy-to-solve mathematical problems. I'm not bragging but it's just that the whole Math class had dubbed me as Miss Perfect, for I had always got perfect scores in our previous exams. Hehehe... Glad that I really love mathematics. And I'm always interested whenever the topic deals with it.

Anyway, we had a little picture taking on our English Class as a simple remembrance. Hehehe... And the english exam is just right. Hope I could get a high score again, just like my previous english examinations also. Hehehe... Being the highest in the class. I'm not bragging ha.. hehe..

So mush of these stuffs, I had an argument with Mamsie. Huhuhu... but it was fine and okey.

So, till here!!

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Monday, March 19, 2007Y
10:15 AM

An Anniv Diary!...and hell weeks nah!

I made a diary about me and my bheibhe after we had celebrated our anniversary. I love its color. It's bright orange! I added some highlights on it, put some letterings in bright and dark colors and CHARAN!! It's perfect! I decided to make one so that I could be able to say my feelings about him and me after each day we will be together. Sometimes it's kinda hard for me to voice them out personally. It is never easy and I'm scared that disclosing some unnecessary feelings might start a fight between us. So, I told him that we are going to make a diary about ourselves. It might help us. We will let each other read our diaries every monthsary. Hehehe.. We're getting stronger now, constantly learning about what is right between us.
Oh! I really love him so much! And I know and I can feel that he loves me too. Maybe same or much more than mine. He had done more sacrifices than me. That can never be easy, but we both believe that loving is sacrificing.
Basta! I love you bheibhe....
Anyway, it's hell week again! Finals nah! huhuhu... Hope I could get a perfect score in Math and English exams, AGAIN. Semi-finals' results were really good. Got the highest scores in my classes. Wheee... Thank GOD! hehehe...
And it's my bhei's finals too! Please do guide him, Dear Lord! Nursing Course is, I believe, too hard. May he got a good result too.
Till here...! Ingatz!

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Sunday, March 18, 2007Y
8:01 PM


The words you whisper to me,
Are so soft and so dear.
The sound of your voice,
Is like sweet thoughts in my ear.
Your scent melts my body,
Like ice on a hot day.
Your touch sends chills down my body,
Like the first time I met you.
You make me feel special,
You make me feel new,
You make me feel loved,
With everything you do.
You hold me close when I am sad.
You wipe the tears from my face.
Every time we are together,
It seems like the perfect place.
My eyes light up when you walk so near.
I smile when we are together.
No matter how bad things are,
You always make them better.
I love the way you kiss me,
The way you hold me tight.
I love the way you touch me,
I could be with you all night.
I love the way you can make me laugh
For absolutely no reason at all.
I love how no matter what I do,
You will be there to catch me when I fall.
I just want you to know,
That even though we sometimes fight,
I will always love you!
No matter what, day or night.
You are everything to me,
My life; my destiny,
And most of all,
You simply complete me...
_i Love You_
Thank you for the ring that you had given me. I was so glad when you whispered your promises to me when we were at Jack's Ridge gazing the whole city at night. Thank you so much bhei... Mwuah!

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